David M. Weilert.

This site is a collection of my greatest works. My name is David Michael Weilert and I am a Production Professional. I love all aspects of production and have been obsessed with filming since I was a young kid. I am chasing my dreams of Directing (and writing) "bromance" comedies while living, breathing, and eating film and production in order to make myself stand out amongst the crowd. I have worked on projects big and small (from independent films, directing professional actors/ actresses, to working with national recording artists), and I am constantly thriving for my next adventure.

I believe in dedicating yourself 100% in everything you do and I am excited to live out my passions and see where the world takes me.  I've learned: life is simple, share smiles, and spread love. Portray the best version of yourself always, and never doubt being yourself. Have fun, be kind to yourself, and protect your heart.

Just be, and life will take you wherever you want to go. These are my keys to happiness.